I'm sorry you're feeling like a winding mountain road in the middle of coal mining country, sweetie-darling, but you're very welcome.
Actually, it's a short but fun drive. On the one end it goes through strip mines and old coal mining towns and on the other end it goes down a mountain via a number of very sharp switchbacks and into the small town of Weatherly, PA. VERY scary road in the winter.
Oh, wow, that really makes me want to take a roadtrip. Which is fortunate, since I've got a major one planned in two weeks. I love how the road in the photo has those interesting bumps and turns.
A typical back road round these parts, although it goes down a mountain at one end with several very sharp switchbacks. A road you don't take in the snow.

I'm very excited about your road trip. You'll be over at the other end of the state from me.