Typical Monday

Feast or famine at the job. Right now it's feast and I'm relatively pleased. I have to write a test plan for a software upgrade coming up. What makes it interesting is that they haven't finalized all the bits yet so I'm having to rewrite parts of the plan and wait for them to finish making up their minds about things before writing the rest. Also, I'm learning the software as I go. It doesn't upset me in the slightest because at least I'm busy and challenged.

In other news about things that are bound to go bad, the Ham Packer 8. Anyone got a pool going about which of those folks are going to let their new-found wealth drive them over the edge and into leaving suitcases of money in their car while they visit the local nudie bar?

Picked up a sammich from Two Italian Guys down on Diamond Ave. Their delivery dude was just coming out as I drove up. From the back his longish, grey hair and balding pate made him look monkish. From the front he looked just plain crazy. The mad monk walked up to his old, rusting, grey Chevrolet, a pizza box in hand. He opened the passenger side door, and literally threw the pizza in. Overhand. Note to self: Continue to pick up from Two Guys.

Once again, this week, Surface is not on the idiot box. Apparently, Lake Bell's eyebrows are attempting to score beads while standing under a balcony on the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter.
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I am intrigued by the Laurel Mall observations, may I add you?
Certainly you may add me. All are welcome. I may add you back, though, because you're the first local LJ'er who's commented.
Speaking of wit, or at least the witless, I too worked at Network Solutions for a time before I quickly realized that they totally sucked scissors.
I hated management there but liked my actual job (I was in the Customer Satisfaction Department) They pretty much analy raped us without lube by firing us for "inapppropriate use of e-mail" to restructure the department.

So basically, I hate Sharon Burns with the burning passion of a thousand suns.
I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, much less some gibbering mouth breather from Audenreid or Shamokin.
understandable. Most people there are wastes of life. I actually have a friend still there and I feel terrible about getting her the job.