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Saint Cyril's Academy

Saint Cyril's Academy 2
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Saint Cyril's Academy High School it used to be. A Catholic school. The complex is called Villa Sacred Heart now, I believe.
Can Edgaw use youw bathwoom?
1. Melixa and I were just wondering what model "digi-cam" you have. Please reveal this.
2. You mentioned a while back that you were 100% definitely coming up to Portsmouth, NH. When is this happening.
Re: Can Edgaw use youw bathwoom?
Please add a "?" to the end of the last sentence where the "." is.
Re: Can Edgaw use youw bathwoom?
I'm using a Canon PowerShot A95. I wuv this camera.

I don't know, at the moment, when I'll take some time off. Warmth and sun are what I need and New Hampshire will be lacking.