Standard Monday advisory

Once again there is no new episode of Surface this week because Lake Bell's eyebrows are in Torino, Italy being pursued by a number of the faithful. Due to a waxing accident, an image of the Virgin Mary is now visible where a uni-brow once existed.

Those of you who read motel666 and haven't yet heard the news should be aware that her LJ is now at markedformetal.

That is all.
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I never saw Surface at the beginning and now I don't know WHAT to do, because I want to understand about the eyebrows, and it's too late...
Oh, the eyebrows thing is just something I started when I saw Lake Bell on the show for the first time. I think she got a wax job since then. It has nothing to do with the show itself at all. I just can't help myself.

Oh, HAHAHA then, because I thought the eyebrows were ALIENS. It was a fascinating and creepy idea, and I really yearned to understand more!

The same thing happened to me when I missed out on Lost because it came on as I left choir practice. It was confusing to try to understand the plot by listening to it on the radio via the FM band, and it was only after asking lots of questions that I realized that I'd also been listening to Alias and getting the two shows glommed into one! Baffling.
Eyebrow aliens really is a fascinating and creepy idea, but I'm afraid the Surface writers (or the producers) have not shown such originality.

I don't watch Alias but I do know it involves espionage, and Lost is full of intrigue as well. I can see where, listening to them like a radio play, one might get them muddled together.
I thought the plane-crash survivors had crept through the island and had come upon a secret village where people had to learn to be spies or be killed! I thought, if not for bad luck, they'd have no luck at all.