My Blue Heaven

Yesterday, I bought an external hard disk onto which was copied the contents of my ailing Powerbook. It has a large, blue power button which glows at me peacefully in the dark as it sits on my desk, clicking and whirring in quiet contemplation, rumination, and perhaps, occasionally, fresh mastication.

Oh, what will I do when society collapses, and we all cut our hair into mohawks and wear black leather, and Tina Turner is put in charge, and we begin to battle each other, driving dune buggies and motorcycles, competing for dwindling fuel resources with which to feed our generators and power the beneficent, glowing blue eyes of our storage devices. Our electric gods. Our digital campfires placed in the entrances of our modern-age caves to keep out the ravening beasts.

Oh look! I found my pencil sharpener!
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One assumes the glowing blue button is not dangerous. But it hypnotizes. It's tricksy! It speaks to us, my precioussss. It tellssss usss thingssss. Yessss
I almost got a Maxtor, and maybe I should have done, but went with LaCie instead. They have a good rep in the Mac community.