The calm before the storm

When when WHEN am I going to learn not to go to the grocery store before an impending snowstorm? You would think there was a hurricane, a tsunami, an earthquake, and a Kevin Federline coming all at once. There were riots in the produce section. I had to knife someone for bread and milk. The manager was rolling his eyes at me and all like, "Cleanup on aisle 3!" I was embarrassed. But I got dill pickle flavor potato chips. So I got that goin' for me.

The recently arrived, but rapidly growing, latin community here in Hazleton, PA (which used to be Irish coal miners, Italian mafia, and Ukranian... whatever they are) have started opening up small businesses all over town. I say, "Excellent! Go for it! Bring some life and color back to this dying burg!" But there's something missing. The apostrophe S! There are no possessives on the shop signs! Audrey Sweet Shop. Altagracia Beauty Shop. Ocio Grocery. Where's the 's? Now don't misunderstand. I'm no grammar snob. I have comma disease and that ain't pretty, boss. But it's epidemic and poor English skills on the parts of the shop owners just can't account for all of it. Help a mollusc out, yo.

Speaking of Ukranians, my last name is Ukranian. It's written with a C, which is pronounced like an S these days, and often spelled, by those making a guess, with a Z. My dry cleaner is one of these. On my shirt tails, with laundry marker, he has written my name with a Z. And I like it.
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oooh, i am very bothered by the 's misuse, whether it be not there or wrongly used or whatnot...
I read this one aloud to Kate and we were roaring.

You are spectacular at writing.