OGIM (Oh God It's Monday)

In the employee cafeteria of the hospital in which I work the doctors sit on one side of the dining room, including at the good tables next to the windows, and the nurses and administrative staff sit on the other side, including the crappy seats near the kitchen. I often sit on the doctor side to annoy them and to see if one of them will try to get me to 'go to the back of the bus', as it were. I swear no one ever leaves high school.

When I got home from work I discovered that I had left the television on. The cats were watching Access Hollywood and demanding that I take them to The Grammys so they could get autographs from The Pussycat Dolls.

I also discovered that my toilet is leaking where the tank connects to the bowl. Joy. I had to call my landlord, George. You all remember my landlord, George. The only guy in the mafia with Hello Kitty body bags. He'll be over tomorrow afternoon to figure out what needs doing. I want a new toilet. One with an oval bowl rather than a round bowl. Of course, my bathroom is so small that if I had an oval toilet in it I would have to build a bridge over troubled water, so to speak.

It's Monday night and that means Surface is on. I have two episodes downloaded from BitTorrent that I have to watch first but tonight Lake Bell's eyebrows vs. David Copperfield's nose hairs in a battle royale to regain publicity back from burning Scandinavian embassies. Also happening on Surface, emo boy has become a super-hero who leaks nose goblins from his fingers, plus the cajun elvis has gotten the beat down from the clone of Kwai Chang Caine and from a talking monkey with Freudian issues. Lake Bell's eyebrows just hovered there and watched him get the beat down, too. Most useless eyebrows EVAR.

Also, why does my LJ posting software spellchecker choke on crappy and not on Freudian?
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I don't know why, but you can bet that I want to find out how to add my OWN words to the LJ posting software spellchecker thingy because sometimes it sucks. Righteously. Oh look <---this word passed muster but lj


did not dum dee dum.
Now what werre you saying? Oh yes, an oval bowl versus a round one. Having had to SIT on numerous display toilets at HOME DEPOT the last few months trying to decide which is better, we went with the oval one because we (read my husband) were tired of being kicked out of

Home Depot.
So, wait. It's getting late and I'm not quite up to par in the brains department right now....

You got thrown out of Home Depot because you were sitting on their toilets? Are you sure your LJ spellchecker didn't take out a spare letter H somewhere?