Friday Night Mall Report

I wandered up to Wilkes Barre to visit Petsmart and Barnes & Noble. I went into the mall to see what was playing at the movies and to get a bite in the food court. Being Friday night meant people watching, too.

As always, Friday night is goth night in the malls of NE Pennsylvania. They were legion on this night. I was surprised there were so many running around loose considering Underworld: Evolution opened tonight. There were even quite a few of what I call super-goths. The ones with large expense accounts at Hot Topic.

A super-goth frowningly flapped his way into the food court wearing a floor length black coat with fishnet shirt sleeves or half gloves poking out of the arms. His hair was greased down flat. The bangs were separated into two long points plastered to his forehead. His eyes were heavily lined with black pencil in a vaguely Egyptian fashion. He looked like a vampire. An angry teenage Dracula whose mother had just grounded him.

"Dracula! That's the third time this week you've left your victims lying on the hall carpet. If you think I'm picking them up you've got another think coming. You are taking a time out young man! Go to your coffin!"

Young Dracula super-goth was passing through the food court about once every 10 minutes. Like those sharks you see in the aquariums, swimming around and around in their great big fish bowls. A truculent, surly shark with too much disposable income and a horrendous fashion sense.

I already knew the goths wear those wallet chains like the bikers. But now they've started wearing three or four of them at once, all hanging loosely and swinging wildly beneath their oversize sooty t-shirts and outside their ultra-flared ebony pants. I'm surprised they don't get those chains tangled in things and drag them along, like wildly erratic black holes, sucking in everything. Even light. Emergency divers could use these goths to drag river bottoms for drowning victims.

Of course there were other people at the mall. Two skinheads slunk in, stompy boots and all, glaring eyes sweeping left and right. Looking for something. Perhaps for the wit to appreciate that they were the minority in the mall tonight. Is that irony? I don't know.

Stoners straight out of the late 70s, long flowing hair and AC/DC shirts, were hanging around with the young toughs from the nearby projects.

The farm boys were in town, their ball caps molded tightly to their round skulls, hat bills folded into tight parabolas. I knew them by their slow, ambling gaits and their tight-lipped silence. People of few words and, sometimes, wisdom.

Not so tight lipped, hundreds of teenage girls shrieked their way from table to table, each the very definition of drama. Cell phones clapping open and closed, a wireless oyster bed. Electric bivalves. What pearls could be contained within?

Being Friday night, there were cops in the food court. One was so young that, in the crowd, from the back, in his black uniform, he was virtually indistinguishable from the goths. How could someone that young be expected to keep the peace?

How I love my Friday nights at the mall.

Speaking of which, I wonder why this mall has 26 cell phone kiosks and no shoe stores.
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"Dracula! That's the third time this week you've left your victims lying on the hall carpet. If you think I'm picking them up you've got another think coming. You are taking a time out young man! Go to your coffin!"

My favorite LJ post of the week!

Ironically, when asked recently "what kind of entry makes you scroll by with haste?" (forgive the poor paraphrasing), I copped to compulsively reading every entry on my f-list page, even the ones I knew would be downer whine-fests, or "boring-ass" accounts of trips to the mall. Your Friday Night Mall Report(s), however, is(are) the golden exception.
You're very kind!

I have a lot of communities on my flist and I will skim by those but I, too, make an effort to catch up to and read all the individuals. Some get top billing, though. *vink*
Re: Seconded!
You know, I think that's probably my point is that these silly small town kids are trying to emulate something simply by dressing a certain way, but they go completely overboard to the point of farce.

When I was their age there were no goths, as such, but I would have been one if there had been. I meant no offence to the true goths.     :)
delightful reading!
easy to imagine (and then shudder, thinking that that is what Fridays are like for our youths...)
and i love the skinhead minority irony!

You and I would have done the same thing at their age if there had been decent shopping malls in our towns.

Yes you would! Don't deny it!

there was.
and i did. doesn't mean i am proud of it now, though...

but i was nowhere near as distinct looking as a goth or a skinhead. i was just a typical looking teenage girl with too much hairspray. i mean, i was a teen in New Joisey, for maude's sake!