All I want for Christmas

Would someone please punch Nathan Lane right in the face? That would really make my holiday.

Thank you.
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He's a mostly Broadway actor who was also in the movie, Mouse Hunt, plus he often does voice work, like he was Timon in The Lion King.

Anyway, there isn't a public moment when he isn't walking around with his eyebrows arched in a smarmy snarky way, and blaring out shtick. He can't just talk to anybody, he's got to be on his mark and on stage every second. Just look at his IMDB picture.

So, if you can't punch him in the face then maybe a case of crippling bird flu, hmm?
This time with intended picture...

This pigfucker's got an "I despise you but don't want to show it too blatantly" smiles.
Re: This time with intended picture...
Bloody hell... I'm not fixing this typo again. Engwish is for cweeps.