Gay Ice Dreams

Strange dream last night. There I was, in a nondescript cement block building in the middle of some piney woods, in a crowd of people, wearing a black leather biker jacket. The joint was a bar of some kind. On my person I had three spliffs and two knives. But not big scary sharp knives, no. I had two really crappy steak knives, one with a flimsy thin blade and black plastic handle, the other, one of those big dull clunky ones you find in steak restaurants, all serrated round blade and huge wooden grip. The kind that would serve better for protection as a club than a blade.

Nevertheless, there I was mock-threatening some dude with my two useless knives, apparently in an attempt to sell my three joints. The guy wandered off and he must have ratted me out because, next thing I know, the cops are showing up. I saw them coming, through the window, and knew immediately they were cops by their ball caps and bad mustaches. So, I'm sitting on a couch and I see the cops coming. They look like local goons but I know they're feds. I whip out my steak knives and my doobies and try to shove them under the sofa, but there's no space between the bottom of it and the floor and I just squash my little jazz sticks all to bits. I have to lift the couch up to get the steak knives underneath but once done I'm up and over in the far corner in no time.

The cops bust in and start jacking everybody up, including me. For some reason they handcuff us at the elbows. They ask me some questions and I joke around, then I wake up so I don't have an ending here. Apparently my dream was directed by Francois Truffaut.

So, there's a mild panic over a winter storm blowing through right now. The forecast keeps changing. Now they're saying it's going to be less about snow and more about ice. Fortunately, my co-worker and I decided, since we had nothing pressing, to take the day off tomorrow. Neither of us should be throwing away that money but what the hell.

Since everything you hear right now is gay movie gay movie gay movie... well, actually it's gay cowboys gay cowboys gay cowboys, but you get the idea. Anyway, I had the chance to see one (gay movie, not gay cowboy) that I thought I had read good reviews about a while back -- Touch of Pink. I'm afraid the only really interesting thing about this film is Kyle McLachlan who plays the part of, of all people, Cary Grant! And he absolutely nailed it! He was positively possessed by Grant's ghost. An astounding performance. But then I've always been gay for Kyle McLachlan.

Oh and speaking of substitutes for current films, I haven't seen the new Kong yet but Turner Classic Movies has the original on its schedule. And if you're looking for a little more rousing adventure you should also tune to TCM for China Seas, a 1935 film with Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Rosalind Russell headlining an all-star cast straight from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Top notch stuff the likes of which you'll never see again.
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