The wildebeest makes an appearance

Poor, poor wildebeest. She knocked on my door this evening, all bundled up in a bright red jacket and knit cap, her little yappy white dog on a leash. She asked to use my phone. "I've forgotten my keys." she said. So now she's been shut out on both sides of her front door.

I gave the wildebeest my cell phone and washed my supper dishes while I waited for her to finish. I peeked through the storm door and I could see the screen of my phone illuminating her wildebeest waist. To me, a sign she was having trouble. Sure enough, a minute or two later she knocked and gave me my phone back. "Thanks anyway, but it didn't work." she told me. I checked the dialed numbers to get the true story. The first dialed number had three digits. The second had nine. Neither of those will reach a phone anywhere in these here United States that I know of. Frankly, I do believe both numbers were exchanges for some place on Pluto.

I thought I heard the old ruminant yelling in the back yard a little later but eventually she somehow made her way back into her apartment. I hope she didn't drag my landlord, George, over here. You all remember my landlord, George -- the Black Hand's very own Schleprock. Wowzie wowzie woo woo. Soon after she was back in I heard the sound of hammering. Always with the construction over there. I'm achingly curious to know what she's building.
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Maybe she's building a talk show set like Kramer did in Seinfeld! Then you can go over to her place and be a guest on her fake talk show!
Heh, My immediate thought was a Kramer one as well.

I ran into the pit bull yesterday, and my, how he has grown! Unfortunately, their command over him has not increased in the least. The tweenager holding the leash had enough good sense to give it a yank as "Baby" sized up my calves and emitted a low, guttural growl.

I walked away thinking, once again, why do I pay such (relatively) enormous amounts of money to live here? Then I realized I was heading across the street to get a shawarma and everything was back to being cool.

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