Another weekend of film

I have just seen my third film by Tran Anh Hung, Vertical Ray of the Sun, and it is one of those films where one can use the term "work of art" without any reservation at all. This is more a painting than a movie. Every scene is a still life, a portrait, a landscape. Every color, every item in every scene, carefully chosen. The music, by Lou Reed and Tôn-Thât Tiêt, contributes to the languid, peaceful, lush feeling of every moment. The use of light, the art direction and cinematography are masterful.

The story revolves around three sisters in Hanoi. The older two are married and deal with infidelity. The youngest sister, naive, lives with their brother, whom she loves perhaps beyond mere innocence. However, this film is not plot driven. Not to the point of being "nothing about nothing" but more like life itself, non-linear. Things happen but people don't necessarily act on those things. Emotions subdued, thoughts unexpressed, actions reserved. A refreshing change from the Western need for resolution, for meaning, for a beginning middle and end. In fact, at several points I kept expecting the transitory nature of people's lives to be figuratively illustrated by some film trick of speeding up their movements to the point of invisibility, leaving only the more permanent earth.

Do not hesitate to rent this film. While you're at it, rent Tran's other films, Cyclo and The Scent of Green Papaya.
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I loved Green Papaya.
Will definitely act on your recommendation. Thanks.
That's what slugs are for?! To check the wiring!! Harumph! The nerve of it!

So to speak.

Nevertheless, it's lovely to be celebrated in song.