Winter can bite me

You know, I decided to just engage in a little guilty pleasure, watching a couple crap movies on a freezing, flurry filled Friday night -- Alien vs Predator and Day After Tomorrow -- and wouldn't you know it, the first one takes place in Antarctica and the second one deals with the coming of a new ice age. These are not things I want to see when it's this freekin' cold.
  • Current Mood: snow sucks
I'd recommend Hellboy, but part of it takes place in Siberia. Hmm, movies set in warmer climes. Have you seen Sahara? Dopey but fun, if you like that sort of brainless action/adventure/we-wish-we-could-afford-Harrison-Ford movie. And it's set in a desert. Nice and warm.
I just finished watching Flight of the Phoenix which is supposed to take place in the Gobi desert but which actually seems to have been filmed in the Namib. Either way it was sweaty, hot, and sandy. Just the thing.

Now I'm watching Shaun of the Dead because zombies don't give a flip how cold it is.