and I see you're on a mac. CS or 2? did you grayscale or drop sat? I don't tend to use channel mixer at all, even though I've heard I should. and I've heard curves are the de-vil.
CS. This was the first time I used the Channel Mixer and I just switched it to monochrome right there which is the same as grayscale, I think. Curves are hard for me, too, but they're quite powerful.
*nods* how long've you been using photoshop? I just started seriously last year for a job. it's cool, but I still don't know much yet.
I've had Photoshop for years but have never really taken the time to learn it. Over the past year I've been getting into digital photography, though, so I have more reason. Someday I'll be another Ansel Adams and you can buy my calendar at Christmas. Yeah, right.
hey, it could happen! my boss has built up a pretty respectable wedding photog business in just a couple of years.