Being a loser with no friends bachelor with no remaining family, Thanksgiving is about eating out (last year I actually had a turkey dinner but this year I think it's going to be Italian) and movies.

We have the first real snowfall of the season and the temperatures are unseasonably cold which makes it the best time to see a movie in a theater because of the big coats with lots of pockets. You can shove your entire Thanksgiving dinner into your coat pockets. Drumsticks in the left lower pocket, stuffing in the right lower pocket, yams in the right upper pocket, and mashed taters and gravy in the inside breast pocket. You can shove some breadsticks in your trousers, too, and freak out the teenage girls. This way you don't have to pay $4.50 for a gallon cup of soda and $5.00 for an entire cornfield of popcorn and $3.00 for a box of jujube's and $2.00 for a hot dog and $1.50 for a big dill pickle and another $4.50 for the large nachos with the nuclear waste cheese. Theaters make a lot of money off me.

Of course, now I have DVR and Netflix and there really isn't anything decent in the theaters so I guess I'll just stay in my pajamas and order delivery. Yeah, make somebody work on Thanksgiving. I was going to take a four day weekend myself but now I'm going in to work for a conference call tomorrow. My one coworker will be there, too. I was feeling a little bad because the holidays are really not a thing for single people but I felt better when my coworker said she was coming in just to get away from her parents who drove down for the weekend.

After the conference call I'm going to Wally World for Black Friday. I must be mental. But hey, I need work clothes and they have a special on dress shirts that come with two silk ties! Whoa! I need professional help.

My POS car passed inspection for another year, by some miracle. I've been trying to save money for another car and just been letting this one go to pot. I hate it and want to drive it into a quarry somewhere. I don't even want to inflict it on someone else by selling it.

The wildebeest next door has apparently decided to redecorate. Using a chain saw. Who uses power tools on Thanksgiving? Maybe she had a little trouble with her turkey and she's trying to carve it. Where do I get these neighbors? The landlord was over a while ago complaining about the water bill again. You remember my landlord, George. The only man in the Cosa Nostra who failed reform school. Somewhere in the building there's a small ocean. Every month it's, "Is your toilet running? Let me put this low use shower head in your bathroom. Say, have you heard the downstairs neighbor running water?" No, boss, I'm dehydrated me own self.

Alright, it's time to go find something to eat.
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Awww! Hey, I love ya, it's just one of those days that makes people feel alone. Last year my mate was in the same postion (he didn't care, he's like Shrek)...This year (as I blogged) he's the CHEF! Hahaha! Take care, you're one of the funniest people who reply to me, so I'm pretty sure if you were in the UK I'd be inviting you here and mothering you, or something. ;)
$4.50 for theatre nachos? Where do you live? Where I live, they're $6.50.
P.S. What font is your Livejournal? I usually don't like serif typeface, but I like this one.
I'm using the Georgia font. Also, I live in the back of beyond where the nachos are free and easy. It's the radioactive cheese that's endangered.
Dood, when are you going to see "Capote"? Fuck, I'm so interested in hearing what you have to say about it. I'll YM you the moment you go to see it and proceed to talk about Capote until you will be forced into making excuses to get away from me. You may not recall what a fan I am of his work and I reread almost every word he ever wrote and almost every word written about him prior to the screening.

Boychild headed out with the ex and the ex's girlfriend to NJ to celebrate American Thanksgiving this year. I'm sure he's having a grand time, though I wish the ex would have waited until he married the g/f before introducing her to his extended family - I worry she'll make a mad dash away from them.

I've been alienated by the family for many, many months now (they do this bizarre Darwinian thing when a member of the family gets sick) and do so enjoy not having to attend family gatherings. I love the sensuous silence of it all; it's almost monastery-quiet here, save for watching a movie or the odd teevee programme.

I really should post about my new(ish) neighbours. They are completely insane and some idiot gave them a pit bull puppy who they believe can be properly trained by repeating her name over and over. The other evening, I caught sight or a group of them leaving and one of the residents had a Samuel Jackson jerry curl wig on (he's Philipino). Hilarity ensued.
Damn this server move of LJ's. I didn't see your comment until just now.

You're still illin'? What's going on, do tell.

I'm glad you reminded me that Capote is out somewhere. I'm sure it's not in my local neighborhood so I'll have to wander down to Philadelphia or something.

I do remember you talking about Capote and I still have a copy of In Cold Blood waiting to be read. I'd better dig it out and get started but I'm on a Joseph Conrad kick right now.

Do keep me apprised of what's going on, won't you?
I don't know what you said on elyse_sewell recently that...oh no, it wasn't what you said, it's your username. holy crap, that's hysterical! I tried to call my digital camera "doomcam" but it didn't work. but I like to call mixes I can't decide on names for the Mix of Doom.

hey, I'm from FL, too! and I live in the NE now, too!
The name just popped into my head one day. Probably the voices again, telling what to do and say.

Mix of Doom? That's not anything like Trailmix of Doom is it? You know, that kind of food you don't dare take camping with you unless you have a shovel and a convenient banyan tree available?

I have a love-hate relationship with the NE but I prefer it to FL.
I have Sweet Desire Mix on my desk here, but I discovered that they freakin' put honey roasted peanuts in, which is just a little too sweet for me.

what's your part of the NE like? I dunno where your city is, soo...
Ugh, I only just saw your comment. LJ can just go suck it, lately.

What is my part of the NE like? Well, if you enjoy looking at strip mines, eating pierogies at church sales, and dodging brazen deer on the highways then this is your little slice of heaven.
yeah, I was having issues with it for a while.

I totally thought your icon was a piece of licorice when I wasn't looking straight at it. Is that a dead sea slug? *grin*

sounds peachy keen, man. whatcha doing there?
whatcha doing there?
Saving money so I can get the frick out.

That ain't no dead seaslug, woman! All my mollusk icons are of totally live beasties! Like, "call 1-800-nudibranch for some hot seaslug action" kinda live!
nudibranch!! *squeals*

yeah, ok, but if you're from FL then what brought you up there? I'm nosy as fuck and have decided to find out about you. k?
I left FL at 18 and have lived all over the place since, mostly because of jobs. However, clearly quite out of my mind, I moved here for the sake of a woman about five years ago. Ah, twoo wuv. HA!

You ever think you totally know someone, and then you live with them and it's like, "Who the fuck are you, ya freak!"

So now it's just me, looking out at the snow flurries and wondering what Arizona is like this time of year.
aha, I left a few years later than you and have moved for work/school.

I take it this was an internet romance? Yeah, I've had a few of those. But I never moved anywhere for any of them. Got my passport renewed, but that's not such a bad thing, now is it?

well, I've heard the snow is doing a bangup job a bit west of me, but I'm kind of glad we haven't seen any yet. give me a bit more of just cold before we get cold and wet.
Oh yeah, we dated for like four years and I spent weekends with her in Seattle for awhile. Things change. And there's your life lesson for today.
Who uses power tools on Thanksgiving? Maybe she had a little trouble with her turkey and she's trying to carve it. Where do I get these neighbors?

Oh, the Wildebeest! HAHAHAHAHa!!