I don't have a frikkin' thing to post about lately.

This weekend I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in which I believe Jim Carrey was miscast. I think they needed someone just a bit more normal. I also saw Garden State which I thought much the better of the two films.

Now, though, I'm completely burned out on the theme of "introverted, shy, sorta type-A boy with some hang-ups" meets "quirky, free-spirited girl with some hang-ups." They laugh, they cry, they break up, they get back together, their friends are weird but totally worthy of several LiveJournal entries. It's a really old theme. Just look at What's Up, Doc? from 1972 or Bringing Up Baby from 1942.

The theme is based on the real life concept that opposites attract, and the collision usually generates hella-fireworks. I'm a shy introverted type-A sort with a stick up my ass! Where's my blue-haired girl?

Tonight, on Surface, it is discovered that Lake Bell's eyebrows have installed a DRM root-kit into Jay (the Cajun Elvis) Ferguson's urethra which causes him to whistle Tokyo Boogie-Woogie every time he takes a pee.
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Every time you write about Lake Bell's eyebrows, I giggle maniacally. Still.
Yoohoo! Type A sort! I'm over heeere!
Yes, my hair is brown but I will be a blue-haired woman in a couple of years. Don't make me chase you down with my walker.
I'll give your bike back... I'll give you a broken back
Thank you for mentioning What's Up Doc? (1972) starring Hollywood playboy Ryan O'Neal and Bawbawa "Babs" Stweisand. I watched it this weekend. I like it a lot, unfortunately.
Re: I'll give your bike back... I'll give you a broken back
I'm disregarding this comment and changing the topic to Paper Moon.