Heart of darkness

Light at the end of the tunnel

The weather has turned cold again. Those people who like to say, "Oh, you can always just put on more clothes. When it's hot once you're naked that's it." can just go suck it. I'll take the hot, thank you very little. When Winter approaches it's like I'm looking down a long dark tunnel towards the dim light of Spring. Like my primitive ancestors I wonder whether the Summer sun will come back again or if this tiny globe of ours will spin farther and farther away this time round freezing us all in bitter blackness.

Of course that's just my Florida upbringing and a touch of agoraphobia speaking. When I was very young we didn't have any A/C at all. Again, this was central Florida where Summer and Fall are in the 90s. I won't deny that I sometimes found the long steamy nights miserable but I would take a lifetime of those sweaty evening hours over one more minute of temps in the 20s and 30s.

If everyone will be so kind as to burn as many fossil fuels as possible from here on we should have lovely warm weather all the time in no time.
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who despises cold weather and looks back fondly on childhood summers without A/C. Of course, Tennessee summers aren't as hot as Florida summers, but they're nice and humid. I miss sleeping with the windows wide open, hearing the cicadas and the katydids and the occasional hum of passing cars. I even miss turning my pillow over every time it got too warm, which was every twelve nanoseconds.
Yeah, you know, with me it was hearing trains in the distance. Since I lived near a lake there would also be night fishermen running their little outboard motors.

I didn't used to flip the pillow over. Since I was in a double bed with two pillows I would just roll over from one side to the other.

Congratulations on finishing NaNo and also on getting the movie review gig.
When Winter approaches it's like I'm looking down a long dark tunnel towards the dim light of Spring.

Me, too.
Nice image.
meh, my FL upbringing says Summer Sux! I wake up in the Fall, but I must admit to yearning for warmth round about February. but then the first real hint of Spring and I get to fearin' Summer. I just want the weather to stay from the 30s to the 70s, with an occasional foray into the 80s. that's it. is that too much to ask for? (or, so I don't end the sentence with a preposition: is that too much for which to ask? haha)
I have to agree that the first little nip of Autumn is nice. That temperature range is pretty much what I used to experience when I lived in Oregon. Someday I'll go back.

I'm just mad crazy about starting sentences with And or But. Drives people hog wild. And that's the whole point.
I'm of the you-can-always-put-on-more-clothes school, and I hate being hot. I dripped sweat the entire time I lived in Florida...

You used the word "farther" impeccably! Hooray!

Further/farther is one of my more ridiculous obsessions.

Another is it's/its.