Squeaky wheels, my dearies

Scott from Enterprise

Remember Scott the dick from Enterprise car rental in Hazleton, PA? Turns out Enterprise does a follow-up satisfaction survey. A judicious and calm explanation of my disappointments has yielded me a weekend special rental of pretty much any car I want for the cost of a tank of gas. Where should I go?
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I've actually been talking to a friend of mine who grew up in the NE. She suggested staying in Dover, NH, where it's cheaper, and then driving over to Portsmouth and maybe taking the hour train ride up to Portland.
Do it, mon. Not too familiar with Dover, but Porthsmouth and Portland are A+.
Oh! I thought from the picture that they had sent you a nifty figurine as a consolation prize.

Do you have to use your prize right away? Because if you can wait till spring, you could drive out to a lovely meadow somewhere and take photographs of spring wildflowers for us.
Ah no. I was suggesting that Scott the Dick was a shifty eyed skonk. I suppose I can use this free rental pretty much whenever. Most recently I've been considering one last taste of warm ocean shores. A mad dash down to N. Carolina perhaps.