It's crappy tv night!

Tonight a new episode of that trainwreck of a tv show, Surface, airs.

In this episode we learn that the riots in France are not perpetuated by North African immigrants but by a small team consisting of Cajun Boy, emo boy, and his pet, Sigmund the Seamonster. They are led by Lake Bell's eyebrows. Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin is quoted as saying, "Nom de dieu de bordel de merde de ce Peacock Network!"
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I'd rather be watching crappy tv than sitting in my office at almost 7 o'clock in the evening doing nothing!!!
On a totally unrelated, yet totally related, note...your post has reminded me that my eyebrows are completely unkempt and must be attended to forthwith.
Verklempt eyebrows are the WORST! You ask them what's wrong and they're always, like, "Oh, it's those Barbara Walters Specials. They always...." Oh, UNkempt eyebrows! Never mind.