Holy bung chips, Batman!

I was just watching people chat about cooking food on a grill:

"I love to cook on the grill.. grill steaks & hamburgers @ least once a week.. then have leftovers to take to work w/ me fer lunches for a couple of days thereafter."

"Yeah, grilling is good."

"And I use used barrel bungs as chips.. similar to mesquite chips, but they impart a poplar & JimBeam flavor to it."

So I said, "Let's cook something endangered and use chips from a giant redwood to give it that extra special taste."

First, IRC spawns the most inane "me too" statements EVER (like I have room to talk). "Grilling is good. Og like cooked meat. Og cook mastodon on fire made of dinosaur poop. Garrrlllgghhh." Second, why don't you porcine drooling nincompoops think for a minute about what your passion for charred cow and evanescent scent of BUNG CHIPS are doing to our world. Do you think you can live without your Jim Beam flavor for just a minute or two Alky McDrinksalot? Can ya maybe try a salad and think about what cattle ranching and old wood forest harvesting means to your future back yard cookouts?

Now an update on the moving to Harrisburg situation. I told my boss, today, that I'd like to go for the job. I have a quick interview down there next Tuesday. Something my boss said concerned me. Well, the way he said it. I mentioned my concern about finding an apartment and getting up the money to pay for it and he kind of blew it off. He said something like, "Yeah, if you start on this site all you have to do is get yourself situated." Like he was removing himself from even offering to help me out. He could have at least said, "Hey, I'll keep an eye out for apartments for you since I'm down here." Or something. Oh well. If I have to commute 80 miles one way for a week then so be it. I always find a way.
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