A grave discussion

While the Seaslug was on Beacon Hill trying to marry into the Heinz family, Edgar awoke from his stupor. Because it was a warm day he was none the worse for wear and he went off to take a few photos of his own.

Mother Goose
Mother Goose, everyone. Thank you very much. We'll be here all week. Try the veal.

Although some do believe this is really the Mother Goose, a sign at the Granary Burying Ground disagrees, stating, "NOT MOTHER GOOSE!" In fact, a tour guide in period costume saw what Edgar was thinking, left her tour, walked over, and slapped him right in his little white plastic face. "NOT MOTHAH GOOSE!" she squawked. A staring tourist from Mississippi, named Skeeter, said, "Dang!"

Sarah Revere
Because Edgar has a thing about dead wives he took this shot of Sarah Revere's grave. She was Paul Revere's first wife and she died shortly after bearing him their eighth child. Paul Revere soon remarried and had eight children with his second wife as well. The randy old goat. Apparently the British weren't the only things coming back then.

Baa Ram Ewe
Edgar took a picture of this goat or ram or sheep because he thought the horns looked "cool." Edgar is a bit of a goth.

Edgar also took this. Apparently someone either lost a shoe or found a woman. Or a pre-op tranny. Nobody is sure. While Edgar was taking this shot, getting elevation by standing on a planter, a carload of asian tourists drove by and looked at Edgar like he was mental. Edgar thought, "You don't know the half of it my dear Celestials.
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A wife old enough to have borne eight children wouldn't have grabbed Edgar by the, uh, heartstrings. When your wife is your dying 13-year-old cousin, you're a little too Goth.
I'm glad Edgar is feeling better. Truth to tell, I was a little worried about him...