Another night in Boston

When the snow changed to rain and then to a drizzle, Edgar decided it was time to get out of the hotel and see some of the sights. Although Edgar had been born in Boston he had been very young when he left the city. Still, he thought, it had changed quite a bit since he had been here last.

Boston at night

Edgar had never been one for temperance and so he headed into the North End for some rich Italian food. Walking down Salem St., Edgar looked down an alley and saw a glowing restaurant window at the end of it. The Seaslug wondered why Edgar had such a thing for dark alleys.

Feeling adventurous, Edgar ordered the stuffed squid and, when asked, told the waiter to make it spicy.

Stuffed squid

The restaurant was empty when Edgar first arrived but filled quickly. There were people celebrating birthdays on both sides of him. It was a weekend for birthdays. Being an inveterate eavesdropper, Edgar listened to an amusing anecdote told by a yuppie woman with a breathy, little girl's voice just like Jennifer Tilly's, about how, on the occasion of the yuppy woman's first pregnancy, when being driven to the hospital by her yuppy husband while in labor, she had decided to stop at Blockbuster and drop off her movie rentals on the way in order to avoid the late fee.

Edgar listened to more stories about summer houses and shrink wrapped 42 foot boats in storage and Blackberries that don't work in Korea and Japan but do work in China.

"You people don't know what life is until you end up lying unconscious in the middle of an empty street, wearing another man's clothes." thought Edgar.

Edgar gets fatalistic when he drinks.
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