Edgar's Boston trip, part the second

Compact car needed
Edgar had reserved a compact car, with Scott at Enterprise, a week ago. On departure day, however, they not only didn't have a compact, Edgar had to wait another couple hours just to get a car at all. Edgar was very cross. Also, the mid-size Chevy Impala he was given was not very comfortable.

Edgar rocks at the Zeitgeist
Although the drive to Boston was uneventful, Edgar arrived in Boston so late that he didn't have time to properly assemble the costume he had planned for the birthday/Halloween party he was to attend that night. Fortunately, the hostess liked Edgar's friend, the Seaslug, so, with good driving directions from Edgar's hotel, it was off to the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge, where the party was being held.

Costume? Or evening wear?
Edgar felt better soon after arriving because it looked like he wasn't the only one who hadn't worn a costume. It looked like some had just thrown on whatever they had laying around the house.

Radioactive Prostitute
The charming rhythm and blues / klezmer band, Radioactive Prostitute, was there. Edgar had arrived so late that he had missed their playing. The Seaslug told Edgar that the first time he had seen them play he thought the lead singer, Slippy, would garrote himself on the microphone cord. Edgar felt like he had missed something.

Jerry, star of The Doctor
Jerry Adams, star of the recent film The Doctor, was at the party. He looked very nice in the bathrobe he had stolen from Peter Jackson's closet.

Edgar settled in with another person who hadn't worn a costume to watch the show.

Snow White
Snow White aka the hostess/birthday girl aka castevet was there. There were also girls dressed as girls.

Inevitable man in drag
As one might expect, there were also men dressed as girls. This one was pretty hot.

Snow White and Slippy
As the night wore on, and the Schlitz Malt Liquor flowed, things started to get a little sloppy.

To the untrained eye it looked like a genuine debauch. The Seaslug knew, however, that these two were long time friends.

Made a monkey of
The host seemed unconcerned.

This girl danced just like Elaine Benes
At the end of the party there was a girl who danced just like Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, because she had drunk so much. Also, the shoes didn't help. The guy behind her is the DJ. Edgar thought he rocked.

To bed
After taking a few people home to Quincy, which, apparently, is pronounced Quinzy, and after having the vomit washed off the side of his car, Edgar headed back to the hotel and, with his dogs and raven settled in beside him amongst the remnants of the party, Edgar hit the hay. Edgar anticipated a late start on the morrow.

To be continued....
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