I've been tagged!

fidgety tagged me with a meme to list ten things that make me happy. Since I never did the last meme with which she tagged me, I feel like I ought to do this one if not because it would show good manners then at least to please an LJ friend. But, oh what a difficult meme it is to do well. If my list doesn't sound all emo then it will appear trite and silly. This meme about things that make me happy does not make me happy. Anyway, here goes:

  1. The bracing cool air of an early morning as you're packing the car for a long road trip. Also the twinkling lights going out slowly in the coming dawn as you travel down the highway.
  2. The smell and the sound of the ocean in the darkness.
  3. Tidepools full of starfish and sea urchins.
  4. The scrambled eggs and cheese, with raisin bread and applebutter on the side, at Waffle House.
  5. My small backup cat sleeping on my stomach (totally emo).
  6. Bacon. That's it, just bacon.
  7. Teh Intarweb and instant access to information makes me very happy. Actually, it makes me very addicted with typical withdrawal symptoms from loss of access.
  8. Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell album. All of it.
  9. That smell in the public library. Why I didn't finish college and go on to become a librarian I'll never know. Well, my life is only half over, far as I know. There's still time.
  10. A footlong Subway Spicy Italian sandwich when it's made with just the right amount of vinegar and oil on it. I see some of you scrunching your noses! They're good!
So, I guess, at least 30% of the time, food makes me happy.

I have to add a number eleven because I just got jackiejj's book in the mail! If you're not reading her LJ then you should be. But you know, you should just buy the book. It's more convenient-like.

In other news I've not heard much more than the occasional thumping and banging from the wildebeest next door. Unfortunate since she's my major source of material lately. I'm pretty sure the thumping and banging is her dog. I never see her walk that dog. What do you think she's doing with the doggie dookie? Speak of the devil, I think she's singing to the dog right now! Sounds like, o/~ loo loo puppy roo roo o/~. That's right, I totally put my ear up to the wall and listened and you would, too!

Speaking of pets, I got some worm medicine for my cats but it has to be administered by weight so I have to get a bathroom scale. Now I can get the wormies out of my cats AND obsess about my weight.

Tonight that godawful show Surface is on. I think this is the episode where Lake Bell's eyebrows are accused of crimes against humanity and George Bush gives a speech comparing Lake Bell's eyebrows to Communism. "Lahk Komunizm, Lake Beyell's ah-brows ah doomed ta failure." This show is just horrible but I can't stop watching it! It's like gawking at a train wreck or probing a sore tooth with your tongue over and over.
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I only tagged you because I was genuinely interested in what makes you happy.

Personally, I make a funny face whenever I find out I've been tagged. It's some weird, minor obligation that somehow turns into impoliteness if I don't do it. I was brought up with strict etiquette lessons.

Yes, that's right. This chain-smoking, hard-drinking, swearing, delirious, once pink-Mohawked girl always says "please" and "thank you".

Anyway, you didn't have to do it if you didn't want to, but I enjoyed the list all the same.
If I hadn't wanted to do it I would have simply disavowed all knowledge of the tag. As it is, I wish I could have come up with something clever. Want to know what else makes me happy? Swearing when it's done well.

I've been thinking of taking up chain smoking. I don't have any vices and I'm feeling the lack.
I think this is the episode where Lake Bell's eyebrows are accused of crimes against humanity and George Bush gives a speech comparing Lake Bell's eyebrows to Communism.

That almost made me pee.
Oh! Thank you!

Kate just told me.

I confess I have been away from my computer today.

This was so kind of you.

BUT: if you got a giganto version, please please email me at and give me your address. I'll order a trade paperback size for you and send it right away. I feel terrible that I screwed up the size!

Thanks for liking it!!
You know, I've never liked paperbook size books. I prefer the bigger size because I can lay them down flat when I'm reading in bed. Plus, I can actually see the type.
you have a backup cat?

I clicked a thingy at the top of your page which apparently brought me back a bunch of posts.
you have a backup cat?
And a large primary cat as well. But just in case, yeah, I have a spare for emergencies.