So, as I said I would, I bought myself a new tv last night. A Sony. It's nice. Now I can watch That's So Raven 24 hours a day on a bright new screen until I'm insane and drooling. Oops, too late.

Because the new tv is somewhat bigger than my old one I had to get a new tv stand, too. Got the tv stand at Wally World. Some assembly required, dont'cha know.

I'm tellin' ya, this thing came with 276 pieces of wood in sizes ranging from three feet to one micron. It also had several thousand screws, in black AND silver, and also nails. Nails! Do they still make furniture with nails? I guess they do because you gotta figure my neighbors were wondering what the hell I was doing up here with all that noise. They probably wrote about me in their LiveJournals.

So I drag the the toolkit out of the trunk of the car. The cordless drill, too. As poliphilo well knows, you're not fully prepared to assemble jigsaw like portions of particle board until you have power tools. I lay out all the wood and screws and nails. Before I can stop them, the cats eat several screws each. Fortunately, the kit had extra and I'll have a lovely post for note_to_cat when my precious pets use the litter box later. Incidentally, this tv stand was made in Canada so I found that the instructions were almost in English. Ha ha ha ha. Ah jeez, now bonanzajelybean will hate me.

I begin with step one of the instructions and I immediately realize two things -- I haven't used the cordless drill in so long that the batteries are dead and I desperately need glasses because I can't tell the difference between the compression dowels (total count 9) and the cam bolts (total count 6, minus the one eaten by my small backup cat, Darby) in the little diagrams. One exclamation of, "Mother EFFER!!" later I'm down to using a regular screwdriver.

Long story short, this tv stand is bigger than I both expected and wanted. Silver lining is, the cats and I can live in it if we're evicted. Guess I'll add these remaining screws and nails to the cats' food dish.
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hahahhaaaaaa, lol
That's a surprise considering we don't actually have television up here yet. Dammit! My igloo's starting to melt onto my touque! eff!