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All I want to know is why are they showing Mystic Pizza on television EVERY! GODDAMN! WEEKEND! What, did Julia Roberts die or something? I heard that! Who said, "I wish!" Huh?
OK, you caught me. I didn't like her in anything she's ever done. She doesn't annoy me as much as Meg Ryan,but I would definitely take up a collection to have her gums pruned.
hey i just added you back, thanks man.

the only thing that died was julia's rad huge hair.

so am i reason 1, 2 or 3?
I'm startin' ya off at Reasono Numero Uno, boss, but who knows what the future may hold. Lately, I don't want to have teh sex with nobody.
It's either Mystic Pizza or Overboard.

BTW, I hope you had a happy birthday.
Ah thanks but it was completely ordinary and I didn't even get a card. Alls well that ends well, however. I went and bought myself a new tv today so happy birfday to me.