Wild rhythms and wildebeests

Of course, the story of Orpheus and Eurydice is a marvelous one. Orpheus, son of Apollo and the Muse, Calliope. World's greatest musician. Could charm the very rocks and trees with his lyre. He married the nymph Eurydice and all was well until Eurydice was bitten by a poisonous serpent and died. Grief stricken, Orpheus went down into Hell itself and, with his music, charmed Hades into releasing Eurydice back to him. Hades set one condition, that Orpheus not look back to be sure Eurydice was following him until they were both out of Hell. Orpheus looked back too soon and Eurydice was pulled back into Hell. Orpheus died soon after, some say by suicide. Others say he was torn apart by the jealous Maenads.

A tragic tale, no less tragic in the film adaptation, Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus), directed and co-written, in 1959, by Marcel Camus. Won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Won the Palm D'or, too. Can't say it was for the acting. Breno Mello, a soccer star at the time, played Orfeo, in the movie a poor streetcar conductor living in one of the hilltop ghettos (favelas) of Rio. Eurydice, a simple country girl visiting her cousin, Serafina, Orfeo's neighbor, was played by American dancer Marpessa Dawn. They, and the other beautiful inhabitants of their neighborhood are getting ready for Carnival and are portrayed laughing and dancing and singing practically through the whole film, and rather condescendingly by the French director, Camus. But now we get to the crux of it. Those people are laughing and dancing and singing to a samba beat that just goes all Energizer bunny. The music in Orfeo Negro was composed by Luiz Bonfá and Antonio Jobim (Jobim also composed The Girl from Ipanema) and it is this film that is credited with starting the bossa nova craze that swept the US in the early 60s. Samba De Orpheus and Manha De Carnaval are two works from the film that just about anyone would recognize. After watching the movie I immediately went and bought the Vince Guaraldi adaptations from iTunes. I'm not a big music fan and I don't usually comment on or note film scores but so much of this film is all about that driving, sweating, pounding samba beat. You can watch Orfeo Negro with your eyes closed, if you want.

The wildebeest got a new door last night. She didn't say anything during the operation but she was on the phone later. I think with Acid Sam. I swear, the voice on this woman. It's like I took a megaphone and placed it by the head of my sweetly sleeping small backup cat, Darby, and then shoved my thumb right up the cat's ass. The creature is a blaring human klaxon. She outdoes The Woman Who Screams Fuck™, my previous neighbor, by a mile. She even has a nervous dog. Why do they always have nervous dogs? I don't mean dogs they've made nervous but actual nervous breeds like chihuahuas, pomeranians, bronson pinchots; you know, those breeds.

It's so damp in my apartment that the pages of my passport are curling.
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I HATED Black Orpheus.
Watch Cocteau's ORPHEE instead!
A true vision!
had to laugh at 'my back up cat' too funny

oh and gotta say... I stole your tm....I met a boy who knits...and only refer to him as felt appropriate...hope you don't mind.

I still love your posts even though I comment rarely ;)
I don't mind that you stole my ™ because I stole 'backup cat' from Dave Berry.    :)

I hadn't realized that was the genesis of 'the boy who knits'.
nervous breeds like chihuahuas, pomeranians, bronson pinchots; you know, those breeds.

Would that be Bronson "Balki" Pinchot or Bronson "Serge" Pinchot? I'm inclined to go with Balki, but it's your post so I seek clarification. Truth be told, I'd take Balki AND Serge over some tiny, yippy, shaky dog.
In this case it is definitely Balki. Serge is altogether too smooth a customer to be a nervous dog. A nervous iguana perhaps.