I'm a part of the problem

I've been thinking about what I said, yesterday, and clearly this behavior between men and women goes beyond just men and women jockeying around for sex and into their inter-relationship as a whole. Now this topic has probably been done to death, and I'm no theferrett or cargoweasel or bradhicks so I can't opine or write a cogent lecture about this, nor am I smart enough to posit about the source of this problem. I think I'd have to get a sociology degree and actually do research, but who needs that when you have Google.

So, yesterday I was talking about how men sing about promises they make to women to get to sleep with them. I have to mention it's mostly young black men, in my experience, whose lyrics directly state this. White men do it, too, but they usually bury the direct proposal in angsty lyrics about their own hangups, they use an acoustic guitar, and then, when they're done singing, they cut themselves with razor blades in self loathing.

Anyway, this childish behavior on the part of men is everywhere. You have television shows in which the male lead is fat, stupid and clumsy, drives a truck, and probably makes home-made beer in his bathtub, and his wife and children are all lawyers and totally hot and in shape. Same thing in commercials: the man is stupid and bumbling and making things worse and the woman comes up with the solution to the commercial's problem, of course involving the product on sale. Meanwhile the precocious commercial kids, whose real life moms are driving them into show business to live vicariously through them and also to get rich on their sweating backs, are always saying, in the commercial, "DaaAAaaad! MooOOm, Dad is fucking up again!"

Meanwhile, in real life, men are walking around wearing ball caps and trucker hats, along with t-shirts, and short pants that almost reach the ankle and that, in my day, would have been called "highwaters". I have to admit, if I was 25 years old I would probably do the same thing to fit in. Clearly, just hours away from my 45th birthday, I have become my father --
"I remember one time, my father had four new tires in the garage for his Model T and me and my brother Choppy went and got one of the tires out of the garage and rolled it around the neighborhood but then it got away from us on a hill and rolled into the mill pond and sank and my father was so mad he beat us with belts and then tied us to a tree in the front yard all day and we were laughed at by all the neighborhood kids."
Thanks Dad. That's really current and totally relevant to my situation. I'll take your wisdom to the grave with me. I kinda wish you had taken it to the grave with you.

So anyway, in American society you have men acting and dressing like 10 year olds with no self control and you have women who are now bringing lesbianism and bisexuality very much into style (excuse me, I'll be in my bunk a minute....). Dudes! This is out of hand! Wake up!

Is this coming out of the marketing classes in business schools or is it a result of what smart marketers are seeing in the streets? Where is this coming from?
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I believe in thrift store plaid bermudas and thus partake of them regularly. However, I do not believe in the bisexual revolution. It's trite and exhibitionistic. Actually, I suppose the real words are "emotional-blackhole." Such fine specimens of male are we.
It's hard to separate the baby lesbians and bisexuals who are just exploring their sexuality from those who are doing it because it's trendy, or to impress/appall guys. For that matter, I'm sure (like most guys) chicks experimenting with other chicks probably do it from a mixture of motives, some of which they may not be aware of. And in the end, what difference does it make?

As far as reprehensible behavior by men: sure that's new. Never happened before. In the history of the world. Okay, you can turn the sarcasm filters off, I'm done.

Here's my point: whatever happened to "live and let live?" I'm not excusing bad behavior by either sex, but people have been struggling with sex, sexual identity, and relationships since before we became people (you want to see some wild sexual displays, check out bonobos—there's no reason to believe our immediate ancestors were any different).
Would that be the Manhattan Bonobos or the Boston Bonobos. I'm sure you don't mean the Detroit Bonobos. There is surely no reason to discuss that branch of the family.
I don't know, I think pop culture is more cynical than real. If that makes sense. I mean, songs and movies and so forth are all about what somebody thinks will sell. If it does sell then there are more like it, and if enough songs/movies/whatever are about a particular topic then people who are clueless trend followers will start to pick it up as well. It doesn't mean it's really real--pop culture isn't about real, it's about the facade people carry around until they find a new one.

All the women I've known who've described themselves as bi decided they were bi after a traumatic breakup or date rape or something like that. I think it's more a rejection of men than an embracing (pardon the pun) of women. Sad, really.
Yes, exactly, a rejection of men. A rejection that has been picked up by media, packaged and sold. I'll be very interested to see the eventual result.