The Google [your name] needs meme!

Yep, I'm a lone wolf. I travel a different path. March to the beat of a different drummer. Just read the gosh dang meme and do it, too. Otherwise, you're weird!

Gregg needs to go. With Gregg gone, Tom and Ian have ALL of the power, to wield
as they see fit ... Why?

Gregg needs to rework timeline

Gregg needs to "make him mad repeatedly,"

Gregg needs to keep the total amount of cuts lower to satisfy GOP moderates in
the Senate

Gregg has all the special needs to be taken care of. ... ‘Gregg needs round-the-clock

Gregg needs to make a play.

Gregg needs a 9

Gregg needs to hire a handy man for the shelter. Gregg never
expects for a female to apply for the position.

This is your one-stop source for all your Gregg needs!

Greg needs more airtime (a little cheating here)
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