Although I'm as astounded as anyone by Nick Park's ability to express emotion through the plasticine eyebrows of one half of his great claymation team, Wallace and Gromit, the thing that always really grabs me about Park's creations is their teeth. Those great pegs lining their smiling, gaping, grimacing mouths.

In Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit it's the teeth of bunnies that are the main problem for our heroes, as well as the town, as Wallace and Gromit successfully run their humane pest control business, Anti-Pesto, just days before the annual giant vegetable festival. Particularly the axe-blade sized teeth of the were-rabbit himself, an accident brought about by the best of intentions when Wallace tries to remove the destructive tendencies of the hundreds of hares he and Gromit are keeping in their small home with one of Wallace's Rube Goldberg like inventions.

The references and site gags fly fast and furious, too many to all be seen in one sitting, as Gromit strives to save the day once again, while Wallace vies for the affections of Lady "Totty" Tottingham against Lord Victor Quartermain, characters who feature the magnificent voice talents of Peter Sallis, Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes, respectively.

A superior addition to the wonderful Ardman Animation series, the only drawback to this rapidly disappearing art form is how very painstakingly long it takes to create it.
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