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If I'd known I was going to fall in love with Julie Delpy today I would have taken a shower.

I just finished watching Before Sunset and I have to say it probably has one of the most perfect film endings ever. Movies like this renew my faith in and my ardor and passion for the art form that is film. This movie, it seems to me, is such a labor of love for Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, and the director, Richard Linklater.

Before Sunset is a sequel to Before Sunrise which was filmed, and takes place in the story, nine years earlier. In the first film Ethan Hawke's Jesse and Julie Delpy's Celine meet on a train and spend a day and a night walking through Vienna, talking about everything. They're attracted to each other from the moment they meet and the chemistry between the two actors, as well as their talent, doesn't allow us to stop believing that for a moment. If anything drew me out of the first film at all it was my own distance in age and maturity from the 25 year old, idealistic, optimistic characters. That and my own cynicism.

In Before Sunset the characters, and the actors, are nine years older and clearly Hawke and Delpy bring much of themselves into their roles. You can tell that Hawke is using the pain of his, then, recent divorce from Uma Thurman to bring Jesse to life. Because I was so invested in the characters (despite what I said a moment ago) from the first film I was a bit shocked by how hard edged and bitter Celine seemed at the beginning of the second film. Part of that was Delpy's actual physical appearance. Her time spent in Hollywood has caused her to assume some of the typical Hollywood actress look; too much dieting and too much time at the gym. But, of course, it was her acting as well. Her character is a bit hard edged and bitter. As Jesse and Celine open up to each other, though, Celine's memories of what love could be and the rekindling of the flame she had for Jesse just radiates out of her. I had to keep reminding myself that these were actors. Actors! Also, man can Delpy sing!

Do yourself a favor and rent both films. Maybe you should buy them. Now I'm going to have to see Zamachowski's Tres Coloers trilogy again just to watch Delpy's starring role in White. What else is she good in? Somebody tell me.
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I was planning to see it...I loved Before Sunrise years ago. Thanks for the review! :)

Oh, wasn't she just ravishing in White? And Red. And Blue.

I need to watch those again. Just unpacked those videos this weekend.
Have you ever watched "mauvais sang" ("bad blood" as an english title)?
It is the film by Leos Carax in 1986, and Julie's role is LIZ.

At that time, she was only seventeen, and looked like an angel or a nymph, not a human.

oh, very very beautiful, cute, ethereal, angellic

And, another one is "HOMO FABER" (voyager in english)

It is a film by Volker Schlöndorff who made 'tin drum'.

Re: Have you ever watched "mauvais sang" ("bad blood" as an english title)?
I haven't seen either of those films. I've added Mauvais Sang to my Netflix list and I will look for Homo Faber. Angel and Nymph are definitely two words that described Julie Delpy even in Before Sunrise. There's not so much of the angel or nymph in her now, though.