Hazleton Fun Fest


The Fun Fest Parade

A good time was had...

By most, if not all...

Big bug
All those who came...

Little bug
Both the big and the small.
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wow, these pics are awesome!
Dear grasshopper,

I'd like you to meet my friend "Big Huge Fat Korean Bug". His wing is broken, but I think you'll like him regardless.

sincerely, jessica.

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Re: wow, these pics are awesome!

I was just speaking with your friend Jessica and she tried to tell me that you were so fat you broke your own wing trying to fly. But I have the feeling what really happened is Jessica broke your wing herself by trying to swat you with a passing Buddhist priest.

My sympathies,
The grasshopper

p.s. chirp freekin' chirp
Holy pip pip and cheerio! Banjo player on the right is none other than Her Royal Highness. I'm glad to see her getting out and down without her subjects. We are amused.