Finally, I post about the tragedies in New Orleans

First of all:


Despite the fact that I lived in New Orleans for eight years I have not had much of anything to say about the situation there. I have seldom kept in touch with the people I had known there personally and have not visited since leaving in the mid 90s.

Some of you know that I was a New Orleans police officer for seven of my eight years in the city. I experienced the corruption. I experienced the racism. I experienced the poverty first hand. I also experienced all of the good things about New Orleans and Louisiana. A lot of what has happened there didn't surprise me. I haven't felt the shock or the horror. At this moment, however, I am numb. It has all come home to me.

Just a few minutes ago I learned that one of the two police officers who committed suicide was the police spokesperson, Paul Accardo. Paul and I went through the police academy together in the summer and fall of 1991. We were in the same class and we both sat in the back row. All the bookish types in that academy class did. I have his picture somewhere. Paul had a wiry strength, black hair, and a permanent 5 o'clock shadow. He was thin with a prominent adam's apple. He was literate and quiet but laughed often. He was a good runner and more athletic than one would have expected. There was more to him than met the eye. Apparently more than I thought.

After the academy I didn't see much of Paul. We went to different districts and Paul didn't distinguish himself in ways that made news. I would say that, as police spokesperson, he ended up in a place where he could best utilize his talents. It was the right place for him. Like every next door neighbor ever interviewed by a news reporter, I can't imagine what would have made a cheerful fellow like Paul take his own life. We were coworkers and friendly, but we didn't hang out. I never really got to know him. Too late now.
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I'm sorry that this has happened, especially to someone you liked. It all must be surreal.
I'm sorry for your loss, Sluggy. Your entry hit me hard, and I can only wonder how well you're actually dealing with it.

But look, baby squids! They bring a smile to everyone's face.
Knowing that that was your prior profession there, I didn't want to prompt you to write about it. I am glad that you did and I'm immensely sorry about the tragic loss of your friend.

You're still very much in my thoughts, dear man.

I shall be sending you an e-mail soonly regarding a photography challenge.

Also, how much for the mist on the mountains shot? I keep going back to it and am convinced I must have it.
It has never been my intention to sell the results of what, for me, is a hobby. I'm guessing your intention is to print something. The original image is about 14 x 10 at only 72 dpi or something so any decent looking print would have to be fairly small to achieve a decent 300 dpi, though I've forgotten the calculation to figure out what size that would be. I never bother to think about print when I photograph so I'm not up on what I have to do.