My kingdom for a pirogue

Out of order. Really.

This is my illustration of New Orleans come tomorrow morning. That city like no other. That city, still gasping its stifling clammy breath into my face, in my memory. I wish her luck.

To those citizens I have corresponded with on my flist, to those I knew and met during my tenure in that fair city, to all those whom I will never meet I want to say....

Hope you can tread water.
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I've been watching coverage throughout the night. I've thought of you often. I'm so glad you're not there.
I was there for Andrew in 92. Got some pretty good flooding even in that little storm. I've been looking at the pictures of the aftermath this afternoon. Going to be quite a mess. But they were lucky again.

And to think I came this [  ] close to moving back there just a few months ago.