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I discovered, recently, that there is an LJ community called lost_glove. Now I know specialization is a common thing these days but this is wacked. It tempts me to start communities called "sock_drawer" or "toilet_paper_over_or_under". My small backup cat would like "sock_drawer".

You know, I've been doing extensive research over at that amazing amalgam of femineity, I noticed that everybody, over there, is looking for a guy who will make them laugh. Also, somebody with a Harley Davidson who loves Nascar and NO LOOSERS !!1. Well, I don't have a Harley but my point (if there is one) is that surely everyone knows by now that the people who make you laugh most (by which I mean every professional comedian/enne) are typically the most miserable people on the planet! Drug overdose and alcoholism anyone? So all these women are doomed to relationships with super-depressed suicidal despondent baggy-pants men who will keep their gals laughing right up until they find Mr. Happy sucking on the car exhaust with the garage door all sealed with duct tape. Those HotorNot women should date the quiet shy types who come home from work and lurk in their dark apartments, watching PBS, and reading Noam Chomsky and Harry Potter at the same time. In other words -- me.
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