Hitler should get a haircut

Had a dream, last night, that I was in the parking lot of a car wash with Adolph Hitler and his secretary. At the same time we were in his office which was out of doors. I could have told you, right after I woke up, what town we were in (it was in the USA), but it escapes me now. Hitler's desk was next to me as I sat on a low cement wall, and, behind one of those typical cubicle partitions you find in most any office these days, was his secretary.

In my dream Hitler was a real jokester. Had me chuckling so that tears were in my eyes. I even complimented him, telling him that what he said was quick and witty. As I said it I thought to myself with trepidation that I hoped I didn't insult him accidentally. Hitler's secretary, who was young and blond and had a very American accent, was gently admonishing old Adolph in an exasperated but amused voice -- "Oh, Hitler!" I noticed that, although Hitler was in typical uniform, he had let his hair grow out and it was curly and dark.

The object of Hitler's joking was a Jewish man from whom Hitler was trying to extract information. On a small grassy space, in the car wash parking lot, was the man's family. They were being sprayed with water from lawn sprinklers and they were also begging for their lives because Hitler was threatening to kill them unless he got what he wanted from the man. I seem to remember that the man offered his life in exchange for a naked woman who may have been his wife or sister. Then I woke up.

I know I had this dream within the span of 15 minutes because I snapped awake 15 minutes before the alarm this morning and then laid my head back down to snooze until the alarm actually went off. Don't you hate it when you wake up just long enough before the alarm goes off to really not make it worthwhile to go back to sleep but you do anyway? And don't you hate it when you think Hitler is a fine funny fellow in your dreams?

I have obviously gone insane. Er... insane-er
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This reminds me of the dream I had in which I went on a blind date with Saddam and he told me funny jokes and gently touched my kneecap. I've loved him since unshakingly!!! Perhaps this is how you will feel about Hitler now!
Pretty funny, though. That's a lot scarier than the dream I had last year in which John Kerry gave me a massage. For instance, John Kerry isn't an evil dictating murderer. Yay for bizarre dreams!
Sorry for being some random dude all up in your livejournal's business and such ... but, I ran across your journal and had to say, this entry made me guffaw. And I'm not a man who guffaws often. Thanks for that.
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