LJ Drama!

In the last week two people have parsed their flists and shunted me right off. Dude, I know they're just getting rid of the people with whom they don't interact or with whom they don't feel they have anything in common but MAN I totally have desertion and validation issues! I feel so rejected. Am I that boring? Yes. And whiney (whingy), too.    :)

On the good side, I'm ensconced in my hotel while they take up my street with their little celebration this weekend. I have wireless internet and the Sci Fi Channel so I can watch Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. I also have a 15% off coupon for dinner in the restaurant and free breakfast. Also got a discount because of where I work.

So fie on't.
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Did I dump you? No. Have a couple of people dumped me lately? Yes. Stop whining and look at me propping up your ego when I've just walked in the door from my holidays!
Ah the camping queen. Dump that sculpted hunk you're married to and make love to me you debbil. Have you posted yet? Was it a lovely holiday? I'll go and see.
Haha! That's the best offer I've had all week. ;)

I haven't posted yet, but I will when I get back in touch with my techno side (I'm finding watching TV and reading LJ odd after all that outdoorsy living) and if the dodgy fan on my computer holds up...I think I might have to get it mended and that could take a couple of days. Ugh. And yes, the "sculpted hunk" SHOULD be able to do it in seconds, but he can't. I need a new husband.

Maybe I'll post something short, download my pictures and prepare for a posting fest later. I dunno. I want to go back to my tent, I LOVED it.
Hey, they could have rubbed salt in the wound, whereupon you'd curl up and hiss and wriggle and dehydrate.

I think you're entertaining--and kind, too, since you were willing to lacerate your aesthetic sensibilities to take pictures to please some weird stranger in California.
Fanx. And there were no lacerations. The town and surroundings were beautiful and photogenic. I still owe you a coal breaker. I want a pic of one myself.
Aww ... I'd never remove you from my FL, I like your posts and I love your pictures :)

Glad to hear you got a room away while the party rages on. Sounds like a mini-vacation! Wireless and SciFi, really, what else does a person need??
I (by "I", I mean my former self=scienter show up as an 'unfriended by', but I'm really not! I just opted for a new personality...of course, I did that quite awhile ago, so why it's showing up now mystifies me.

Regardless, you're groovy. I shall not drop ya.
Oh I know you didn't drop me. It took just a moment or two to realize it when you changed your LJ name back awhile ago.
Note: You are on mine permanantly.

When are we meeting for matinis? In Pennsylvania or New Orleans?