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I can't say I'm a connoisseur of Spaghetti Westerns but I found Il Grande Silenzio, The Great Silence or The Big Silence, a powerful addition to those I have seen.

Like most of you I've viewed all of Sergio Leone's more familiar works -- The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, A Fistful of Dollars, and For a Few Dollars More -- many times but I was unfamiliar with Il Grande Silenzio's director, Sergio Corbucci, until now.

Two notable things about the film are that it was filmed in the snow as opposed to the scorching desert, more typical to the genre, and it has one of the darkest endings going in the world of film, although I found it less shocking than the commenters on IMDB, who were probably more used to typical American happy endings. The film's beautiful score is by Ennio Morricone, whose film compositions are some of the most recognizable in the world.

Actors of note in this film: Vonetta McGee, in her first starring role. You would also know her from such exploitative classics as Blacula and Shaft in Africa, as well as the wonderful sci fi weirdness that is Repo Man. Also in this film; Klaus Kinski, who played villains in many spaghetti westerns and who led an apparently tempestuous life. I'm looking forward to the documentary in my Netflix queue, My Best Fiend: Klaus Kinski, about the fiery relationship between Kinski and Werner Herzog.

Anyway, I've put Django and its sequel into my Netflix queue. Definitely need to see more Sergio Corbucci.

Dummy, with Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich (one of my screen crushes whom I love in a very chaste and Christian fashion), is a comedy that manages to succeed mainly because of the talent of its stars. But, you know, the writing ain't half bad. And after Il Grande Silenzio I was ready for a happy ending.

Adrien Brody became quite a good ventriloquist for this film and I would have loved to see out-takes and have been on the set during filming. I have a secret love of ventriloquism but boy can those dummies be scary! Remember Magic? Milla Jovovich has a bit of a flare for comedy in a sort of "gosh I'm awfully cute when I'm silly" way. I admit I'm still waiting to see her breakout role. I have no idea if she's done it yet. Jessica Walter, who played Adrien Brody's mother, is going to give me nightmares because, in many ways, her character was like my mother. I had to grit my teeth through her scenes.

Dummy is a light and happy story. Not exceptional, except in the talents of its main stars, but enjoyable. I'm glad I finally got around to seeing it.
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Thanks for the reviews, which I'm printing out for my Netflix queue.
I'll have to look for Il Grande Silenzio. I have kind of a thing for Vonetta, who was very hot in Repo Man. (Must make a Harry Dean Stanton icon for those ranting moments.)

Weird Kinski fact: In real life, he was a soldier in the Wehrmacht. On film, he played a Mossad agent (in _The Little Drummer Girl_, also starring Diane Keaton). Has to be one of the weirdest casting decisions ever.
Yes, I saw that he had spent most of his time as a British POW.

Also, Vonetta was very hot in Il Grande Silenzio.