I have a chip on my shoulder

Some unshaven, snaggle-toothed, drunken guy knocked on my door and told me he was the event manager for some shin-dig the VFW down the block is throwing this weekend. Seems the mayor of this shit hole has decided it would be a good idea to block all the streets in a four block radius to welcome a projected 3000 visitors for some fund raiser. Things like this are why local residents in New Orleans pack up and go on vacation during Mardi Gras, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to stay in a hotel for the weekend.

Now some choice comments from Mr. Event Planner:

"We did this event last year and it failed miserably."

I'm not surprised since I live half a block away and don't remember anything happening.

"I'm doing all the planning this year and I'm determined that it will succeed. Please don't hate me. Some lady down the street says she hates me. This is taking all my time. I haven't worked in two weeks. I have stump grinding to do."

Judging from the state of his dentition I'd say he doesn't have any stump grinding tools. I wonder if his friends down at the VFW call him The Beav.
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Some unshaven, snaggle-toothed, drunken guy...

Hey, HEY! That was me! How do you expect to meet a boy if you're so damn picky?