Photo post

I'm coming down with something. The price of working in a hospital. I have a sore throat and my stomach has been upset for days. It's obviously fatal. I'll need to get my worldly affairs in order, which means making sure the cats have something to drink while they eat my body after I expire.

And now some photos specifically for wordweaverlynn.

First we have two really crappy pics of the Conyngham Valley.

Conyngham Valley 1

Conyngham Valley 2

Next, a covered bridge in Catawissa, PA

Rupert Bridge No 56

Inside the bridge

Here we see cabooses advertising the Whistle Stop company which is actually closed and for rent.

Whistle Stop advertising

Blue caboose

Catawissa the town

Catawissa, PA

Duke's 15 Round Hotel

Opera House

Something wordweaverlynn asked for specifically, the Quaker Meeting House and adjoining cemetary.

Quaker Meeting House

Quaker Meeting House graveyard

Quaker Meeting House door

wordweaverlynn asked me to find a particular chicken coop outside Benton, PA but this was all I could find.

Benton barn

Well, also this covered bridge that was nowhere near a creek.

Bridge out of water

Dry bridge

I also posted a few over at rural_ruin.
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Oh myyyyy. Yes, that's the right chicken coop. That's my Catawissa. The storefront in the old opera house used to be Jim Savage's candy store. The trains and factory were right down the street from me (we lived at 315 Pine Street while I was in first and second grade). And the Rupert Bridge!

Thank you. These are amazing.