Photo Post

I'm doing something a little dishonest, in my opinion.

I'm posting photos taken by my friend and co-worker, Rosalyn; downloaded from her camera onto my Powerbook and Photoshopped by me.

I haven't taken very many photos recently despite seeing some good material here and there. I've decided to incorporate a semi-meme that's floating around. Comment me one thing you'd like to see photographed and I'll see if I can take it for you.

On to the photos.





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You'll be sorry you asked
The Quaker Meeting House in Catawissa--there's a stone retaining wall, a graveyard, and the building itself. Hell, *any* old churches or graveyards or barns. Slag heaps, burning or not, and old breakers. Likewise old train tracks and stations. The view over the Conyngham Valley. The damage to Twin Bridges in Forks. Almost any old house in Orangeville or Benton or Shickshinny or Catawissa--some of the details are remarkable. The Indian profile (really a rock outcrop) near Rupert. And there's a gorgeous red henhouse on the west side of 487 between Bloomsburg and Benton--closer to Benton. It's huge and has a long row of tiny windows just under the ridgepole, like an extended cupola.

Signed, Homesick
Re: You'll be sorry you asked
Is that rock outcrop off Rt. 11 on the way out of Shickshinny and towards Wilkes Barre?
I'd like to see some pictures of people just doing what people do.

And I still like the idea of your grafitti series. Some of those were very cool.