Rambling blather

You know, I just realized I can't go to New York this weekend because I have martial arts classes on Saturday and Sunday. Fuck a duck. Hey, that's okay because I'm gonna be buff and look just like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix while you're kicking my ass.

I've been seeing discussion of upcoming films on some people's LJ's so I thought I'd talk a bit about film right now.

First, if you're a fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and you're looking forward to Team America: World Police, there's an excellent and quite comprehensive review of the film over at Ain't It Cool News. An exclusive, by the way. I've always thought Matt Stone and Trey Parker are two of the smartest people in Hollywood. Their wit is razor sharp and I'm sure they get left off quite a few party invitations out in tinsel town. Apparently a few fragile egos are going to take some hella ass fucking in this film. I can't wait for October 15. It's the day after my birthday so you better shop for my presents starting now.

Film lovers would be wise to include Ain't It Cool News in their list of regularly visited sites on film (and television) news. For some time now the guy that started the site, Harry Knowles, has been putting up DVD recommendations every month. The selections are incredibly diverse and sometimes expectedly geeky but nevertheless excellent, in my opinion. This month's DVD recommendations include a lot of political documentaries, not surprisingly. My Netflix list is up to 359 DVD's because of Harry Knowles' recommendations. I'm getting quite the film education.
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