Random thoughts

Why is it that dirtbag lookin' people driving rusted hulks always seem to have the most complicated banking to do? And why is it that they need to do that complicated banking at the ATM outside the convenience store at 7 pm on a weeknight? I swear, this guy tonight must have been making a transfer to a Swiss bank account or something before heading off to Wal-Mart to buy some more wife-beater t-shirts.

You know what else is bugging me at the moment? Women never check me out. No, really, they don't. I mean, I'm no George Clooney but I'm not ugly or anything. You know the eye contact or the glance in passing? Seconds. Moments. Then a hurried look away or down. Do I look scary? WTF?

Finally, you know what's really really really gross? A pubic hair on a public men's room sink rim. You know what one of those on the sink means don't you? Answer in comment and maybe I'll come up with some kind of prize or something.
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