Random thoughts

Why is it that dirtbag lookin' people driving rusted hulks always seem to have the most complicated banking to do? And why is it that they need to do that complicated banking at the ATM outside the convenience store at 7 pm on a weeknight? I swear, this guy tonight must have been making a transfer to a Swiss bank account or something before heading off to Wal-Mart to buy some more wife-beater t-shirts.

You know what else is bugging me at the moment? Women never check me out. No, really, they don't. I mean, I'm no George Clooney but I'm not ugly or anything. You know the eye contact or the glance in passing? Seconds. Moments. Then a hurried look away or down. Do I look scary? WTF?

Finally, you know what's really really really gross? A pubic hair on a public men's room sink rim. You know what one of those on the sink means don't you? Answer in comment and maybe I'll come up with some kind of prize or something.
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furry sink
oh I am sooo tempted to respond with something un-ladylike but....
here is my clean answer....
perhaps a homeless man was bathing in the sink?
A pubic hair in the sink can only mean one thing: a surreptitious taffy-pull. I hope he rinsed out the bowl afterward.
Well, there was one other thing that came to mind that seemed more likely, mainly cause I've seen it a couple times me own self.

Thank you, please come again.
dude, the worser thing? public hair on soap! *gags*

oh, and i never check anyone out. i am too embarrassed. even if i think a guy is nice/cool/cute/superhot, i always look away. hehehe. so maybe you need to tone it down a little, and wear some less sexy gear.
I'd have to say 2 things come to mind when I think of the sink rim...dare I spell it out in your LJ!

And the reason why dirtbag lookin' people driving rusted hulks have problems using the bank machine is because they are stupid. This is why they drive rusted hulks - they can't figure out how to spend their money properly. I meean, they can't even use the freakin' ATM.
and you should post a little picture of yourself in here. A little 'hot or not' so to speak. Can you make polls? We can vote! and then you will know if you are truly "hot or not".
YAY! I got to see the seaslug of DOOOM! I'm happy now. Oh, and nice BALL GAG there, buddy. Who would have known that not only do you have ONE BALL OF DOOM that it would be a BLUE ball of doom. Well done!
So I guess the seaslug part comes from being in the navy? (I didn't know you were at some point because I am a n00B.
So I guess the seaslug part comes from being in the navy?
Actually, no. It stems from an incident with a real live seaslug in San Diego, but what's the diff, anyhoo.
I actually did post a pic over at Hot or Not a couple years ago and ended up with a 6.6, which I reckon is about right. A 6.6 is worth checkin' out once in awhile isn't it? Huh? @%&^*@$#!!
absolutely. and with the right presonality you're a shoo-in for a 9.5 or higher, i promise. Most dudes are not that pretty to start with, they have to build it up!

Also, I just remembered once my...ex? a friend of mine...telling me about a creepy dude who came into the bathroom and peed into the sink right in front of him. This story doesn't sound reliable, but I swear I remember it happening.
dingdingdingdingding!!!!! You are correct, sir! You have guessed what I was thinking when I saw the offending article. I have also been witness to such sink violation during my days with the Navy, to wit: Too many squids and not enough bathroom stalls during a drunken jaunt around some seaport town.

You have won a prize, the nature of which I haven't the slightest idea. What do you want?