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More St. Mark's

Desperate for tourist dollars, Jim Thorpe took its name from the famous Native American athelete who died in 1953. Jim Thorpe, formerly the town of Mauch Chunk, has a great deal of history. The railroads got a lot of their start here, some of the Molly Maguires were executed here, and this town was once home to essentially the first roller coaster in the country. A rather strange history.

St Mark's Episcopal Church

St Mark's

St Mark's Church. Adorned with Tiffany stained glass and marble floors. Funded mostly by Asa Packer, industrialist, and coal and railroad baron. I'll bet it didn't get him into heaven.

Jim Thorpe 2

Race St., Jim Thorpe

Building detail

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These are wonderful. I so like the quality of light in black and white photographs--they can get rid of the color clutter and help make a story out of the subject. These are just excellent.