From the "Yes we know this already, Mr Obvious-Man!" department

When one goes from extended solitude and sexual abstinence to dating that includes marvelous sex (at my age I have come to appreciate the difference between marvelous sex and the average kind like a wine connoisseur) and then both the dating and the sex are very suddenly yanked away again it is rather an inconvenience.

I think I will just spend more time here instead, work permitting. But first, I have a housewarming to attend and I need to bake a side dish right quick.

More pictures soon.
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Yes. It is an inconvenience. No. It is torturous. It is a Catherine wheel. And iron maiden. A thumb screw...!

It's annoying.
I have not had sex in 38 hours.

I cannot believe I just calculated this.

I am ill. ILL!
I was reading the comment thread from one of your earlier posts, concerning sex as war, Sun Tzu, and chi kung. I believe these concepts are inherently understood by some.

As in many things, I think the Chinese had the strongest grasp of this battleground but I don't think they were the only ones. Early Christians, taught by fanatical prophets and holy men (who probably had some bad dating experiences), couched the depletion of the male yang from coitus and its effect on chi in the murky mythical tones of sin, advocating complete abstinence for all.

I daresay that certain elements of bondage play, without the sado-masochistic overtones, encompass some of these ideas as well, although sometimes strangely reversed, the warriors happily surrendering before the battle begins thereby achieving a different victory.
You know, ever since this entry, I have become more and more preoccupied with the idea of these essences and the achieving of chi. Entre nous, I will confess that I actually engaged in the shameless taking of yang and have become entirely obsessed with this taking. It's become part of my goal.

I don't know what I am doing exactly, but I think it's draining him. That was what prompted this no sex period in my life, in fact. He needed time to "recuperate". I need to read more on the topic. Is there anything you would suggest on the matter?
I hadn't done any research on the matter so I did a quick Google search. This seems to give a decent overview and suggests reading material.
Oooh, this is fabulous. Thank you. I will read and let you know whether I come up with anything of particular interest on the topic.