Wow! Where to start, these are so good!

First, I love the mysterious little word "Karma" that's tucked into the beginning of the tour (just to the left of the fancy doorknob).

Then there's a wonderful door that would open out into the air. What a story!

And the steps that lead down into darkness.

And the wonderful, colorful window with the silk roses in a vase placed just so in the center...

Thank you! These are to dream and wonder about.
Oddly, I didn't notice the word karma until I saw the photograph. I was only focused on the door knob when I was taking it (pun intended).
Some of these I want to go through and some I most decidedly don't.

Speaking of doors one doesn't want to go through, isn't it funny that they put, of all locks, a bolt on the outside of the door to the crypt. One can slide the bolt and go in with ease but nothing can come back out again.
It's my favorite, too. Particularly since they've only put a bolt on the outside of the door. Anyone can go in if they wish, but nothing from the other side is coming back out.
Great Theme, Fabulous Shots!
I love these. Have you considered printing and framing any of them?

I'm heading to Colorado tomorrow and will be spending some time in Frisco (CO) at eeks' brother's condo. We plan to head up to Leadville, an old mining town at 10,000+ elevation. I'll be sure to remember my camera THIS time.
Re: Great Theme, Fabulous Shots!
There you are! I've not given any serious thought to printing any of my pics but maybe I'll look into it.

I'll have to drop you an email and update you on what's happening here. You do the same.
These are wonderful...I love the theme. They make me want to go through my travel pics and do some themed folders and they also make me want to be a better photographer*sigh*
Hello, I stumbled on you through the wonderful poliphilo. You'd left a comment in his journal and I could not help but delight in your user name. I very much in tune with all things doom right now. So on I chased after you and what should I find but a marvelous blog? I have added you to my list and hope that you have no objections.
I am delighted that you are enjoying my blog. All are welcome to add me. I hope you don't mind if I add you as well.