Photo post


While I was in Baltimore I took some pictures on a certain theme. The theme has absolutely nothing to do with Baltimore but that's me. Well, there is one Baltimore themed photo and it's as Baltimore as they come.



Some jerk got caught in this shot.


Bromo Seltzer
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just wanted to say....
I added you about a month ago because of your 'sweet zombie jesus' post (it greatly amused me, but then some would say I am easily amused)...your photos are great. I especially like the building a few posts back.

Oh and Edgar, loved Edgar!!!! (though living in Florida not really sure why the alligator was obvious for Baltimore tchotchkes?)

But thanks for letting me enjoy your journal & photos!
Re: just wanted to say....
Well, I added the alligator because I grew up in Florida and I demand my readers know everything about me!!! Because it's all about me me ME!

But you're right, I didn't tie it into the narrative correctly at all. I'm glad you're enjoying my flailing attempts at validation. Edgar says hi.