The Doctor

I look out of my hotel window at Baltimore Harbor. It's one in the morning and fire alarm strobes are flashing hypnotically on three of the upper floors of the World Trade Center across the street. At the same time, police cars and fire trucks are gliding up to a building three blocks away, their sirens a strangely comforting sound to me. None of them even pause at the World Trade Center and if it burns down I will take lots of photos.

Just another weird occurrence in a town filled with them. Why, the USS Constellation, a small ship open for tours, moored right next to the possibly burning World Trade Center, is reputed to be haunted. And, of course, this is the place where Edgar Allen Poe died of "congestion of the brain" in 1849.

So, Baltimore is probably the perfect place to have seen drnola's new film, The Doctor. As noted in the press materials, the film is about a man who is haunted by his dead former patient, his deceased wife and the bizarre pierrots and constables who control his homeland.

Supreme Imperial

The show was held in an art venue called The Supreme Imperial, a small living space in a rather creepy area that the owners have turned into a stage for whoever wants to perform or present their work. From the outside, I couldn't tell that I had arrived, apparently because the owners either don't believe in the power of advertising or all the cool people already know where the place is. After running up my cab meter looking for the joint and arriving twenty minutes late for the posted show time I saw the charming and hotler castevet standing outside with some of the stars of the film. Because I'm a misanthrope and also because I was twice as old as anyone else there I felt quite awkward. I was glad I had brought her, and the lovely and talented drnola, a congratulatory bottle of Jaëgermeister. But I wish I had drunk a bit from it first to relax a little. Fortunately, I hadn't missed anything because the club owners had decided to delay the show until a few more paying customers showed up. The ugly part of the art scene.


The show opened with the darling polka and jazz review band Radioactive Prostitute. The lead singer was quite enthusiastic and there were several moments where I feared for the safety of the patrons and the furniture. I was reminded of many a night in dark basement clubs on Chestnut St. in Philadelphia many years ago. It was more performance art than musical act.

It's interesting to watch a show with its creator. No doubt, most film directors worry about the success of their work. That it's well received. drnola was no exception. He quietly and competently roamed around the room, keeping Radioactive Prostitute's lead singer, Slippy, from strangling himself in microphone cords, and describing for me some of the process he went through in making his film. I wish I had asked him more questions while the film was playing. It would have been the ultimate commentary track. Maybe it will be on the DVD.

Probably because I was at a premiere, and because the film's creator was with me, I started looking for possible influences for The Doctor. There were scenes of rolling ocean that reminded me of the opening credits in the old TV show Dark Shadows, and the nazi thug like constables in the film, for some reason, made me think of nothing so much as the gang members of A Clockwork Orange. In fact, if drnola were to put on a bowler hat and false eyelashes he might be able to give Malcolm McDowell a run for his money. He and castevet are still the cutest couple on the planet. I envy them.

My adventure, last night, took me back to the days of my youth, although I think my peers were less jaded. Watching the emerging talent, energy, and enthusiasm of a young writer and film maker are something any art lover should experience. A+
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Thanks! Fun to read this!

But best of all, that marvelous moody photograph of the dark building.

You, sir, are an officer and a gentleman. This is fact. It pleased me to no end that you attended. I was looking around at the supposed start time, not seeing you, disappointed, but then you showed up with liqour in a bag with a mollusk on it.

The mood of the evening was quite wishy washy... good between us and the other invitees, tense involving the charlatans who run Supremem Imperial... tense between us all and the upside-down city.

OK... now YOU make a movie and we meet in Tulsa. Get cracking.
Now I feel bad for now opening the Jaeger and sharing with you!!! I'm trying to wait until I take carrie to the prom to drink it. You know, just in case I'm carrying a fetus or something. God, life is gay!

I could have been a lot more entertaining if I was drunk!
Dood! No reason for you to feel bad. I was the one who was being a stick and a gimp. You're right to be careful in case you've been impregnated by a C.H.U.D. or something.
it wasn't that bad, man! i've been in far more awkward meeting situations! i enjoyed meeting you and you were all i expected and more!