Pretention, wax beans, and robots

Man this looks crappy

I went to see Star Wars today. And then... I went to see it again... in another theater with better equipment. It's not that I liked the film that much, it's just that this whole saga first started as I was just coming of age and I saw that first film over and over and over again in the theaters. Now that it's all over I just wanted to try and capture some of the magic I felt back then. I couldn't, and neither could George Lucas.

Best actor Oscar goes to... R2D2. There's something to be said when the CGI performances are better than those of the live actors. The scenes between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman are stiffer than Michael Jackson at a boy scout jamboree.

George Lucas has said in more than one interview that he's happy to be done with the whole business and I believe that it really showed in the film. The editing seemed choppy, the scenes hacked together. Everything felt rushed in a way that appeared to say, "Ye gods let's just get this over with!" And what was with the constant spaceship travel every frikkin where!

There's one new character - General Grievous - that they throw into the story. Or, at least, it will seem that they do if you haven't seen the animated Clone Wars series that was on television recently. Star Wars fans may want to rent that in order to maintain some continuity. Everyone else won't need to bother, I think.

I will say that the folks over at Industrial Light and Magic never fail to amaze with their computer generated imagery. Really quite impressive, visually. To sum up, I agree with the critics. All of them. If you're a Star Wars geek (and I am), get out and see the film. Take a few friends and bring your flashlight sabers. If you're just looking for entertainment it's still worth a glance.

I went to dinner at a new Italian restaurant near the Cinemark in Moosic. Trattoria Bella. The place sits on a hill overlooking the ballpark. Apparently, that piece of real estate is expensive because the dishes were really overpriced. I had a pork chop stuffed with prosciutto and cheese. The pork was tough, the potatoes cold, and the vegetables undercooked. The salad was pretty good, though. They had some guy in the corner, playing an electronic piano. Imagine if Dean Martin was still alive, still drinking and smoking like he did, and singing the same repertoir. That was this guy. The place was really pretentious, too. And isn't it interesting how like attracts like. It was full of pretentious people. The guy sitting across from me was wearing a t-shirt, slacks, and Italian loafers without socks. He looked like he had just flown in from South Beach, circa 1995. I didn't think they had people like that in the Scranton area. Live and learn.
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If only you could get the smokestacks and people to disappear and make that sky encompass all that there is to life...then there'd be hope.
First, your picture! A sunset? The last sunset? WW III?


As for Star Wars III: I enjoyed the moving around from place to place, because I just like eye candy, but there was NO chemistry between Anakin and Amadala.

I thought the Emperor was well played!

My daughter and nephew did a couple of rather popular parodies of I and II here. They are really going to lay into III--they've already written plenty, and it's not very kind...